The world sleeps

When the world sleeps

The world sleeps in the cradle of nature,
Lulled by the sound of silence.
The stars, stand guard, to the
Dreams, of love, and unreached goals.

The day’s work is done,
The birds have taken a rest,
The moon shimmers through the clouds,
As the owl, announces its quest.

The snatchers begin their chores,
The darkness covering for them.
While I lay awake, in my nest.
Is a peaceful sleep, so hard to get?

This day has tired me,
The next day worries me,
In the junction, this lovely night,
Its calmness, comforts me.

I think of the tasks yet to be done,
The battles whose end is not known.
My future punished by my present,
Oh! these thoughts are such a bore.

The cogitations lingered. No! No!
My mind needs rest, to see,
Orchids in the valley,
To feel, the serenity of success.

Bathed in sunshine, tomorrow rejoices,
The story of my endeavors, spreading far and wide.
Lots still to travel, the road so long,
Dark nights will soon welcome the dawn.

Streaks of color, appear in the sky,
Heralding the start of another day.
I doze off, hoping
Sleep will refresh my soul.

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