The Journey

Kate waved the bus to stop. She got up and was relieved to find a window seat empty. She quickly settled herself. Window seat were Kate’s favorite. Being the nature lover she is, the window made a perfect drink to quench her thirst.

The outside looked especially beautiful today. It was four in the evening and the clear sky made a fantastic occasion for cloud watching. As the bus zoomed across the flyover, the clouds with its myriad shapes and sizes enchanted Kate. She did not bother to find out where the bus was headed to instead she disposed herself at the thoughts of nature. However, her chain of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by her fellow passenger. She had not realized an elderly woman had occupied the seat next to her.

“Does this bus go to Tulip Garden?”
“I just got up on a random bus. I did not see its route,” replied Kate.
“What?” gasped the woman.
“Yes, I have this habit of taking small trips in these city buses.”

Kate did not know what expression to give in reply to the woman’s shocking reaction.

“You actually do that? Getting up on a bus without having a fixed destination on mind.” The woman was curious.
Kate said calmly, “Yes, it helps to untangle my mind, when I am too stressed, you know, with the worldly stuff.”

Kate understood from the woman’s face that the answer had not satisfied her. The discomfort that had formed, thankfully broke down, in a few moments. The lady’s stop had come and she got off. Kate transported herself back to the scenery outside the window.

Through the window, Kate saw, the busy city going about its work. Everybody had a sense of purpose, a fixed destination. Each one knew, why they were there and where they wanted to go. Kate’s aimless travel, suddenly seemed bizarre among all of them. No wonder the woman had reacted in that manner.

The bus slowed down at a signal. Kate noticed a little boy trying to fly a paper plane. Each time he released it, the plane crashed into the ground. The boy was neither happy with the distance it covered nor the height of the flight. Having failed repeatedly, the boy folded the paper into the shape of a boat. A small puddle of water was nearby. He floated the boat on it.
Kate saw the happy face of the boy as the bus started once again. The little boy had found out an alternative way to reach his destination. Kate smiled to herself.

Her cell phone rang. It was from one of her colleagues. “Kate, where are you? Boss is going crazy,” shouted the voice at the other end. “It has been one week and we still haven’t figured out a suitable way to convey the news to the masses. The news channels have refused to air the news. You know how important the news is and it needs to be told to the public. Boss is very upset and is threatening to fire all of us.”

“Change the route,” Kate said abruptly.
“What?” asked the colleague, slightly taken aback.
“Why bother the television and the newspapers? There are a hundred other ways to convey an information to the public. I am coming to office in an hour. I have a brilliant plan.”
“But where have you been so long?”
“I was on a journey but now I have reached my destination. It was of great help.”
“What helped?”
“The journey.”

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