Girl in Foreign Land: Chapter 1- Why?

Girl in Foreign Land

“Do not say Sky is the limit, because now there are footsteps of man in moon as well.”

Of the numerous quotes I have read all my life, this is the one that has stayed with me, may be because this connects closely to my personal aspirations. I was in 3rd standard when the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster happened. Concepts of outer space, solar system and its nine planets had just been introduced to us in school. I was greatly inspired after watching the extensive news coverage of Kalpana Chawla’s life. As a child, the deadly consequence of the space mission scared me; I decided that I would be in earth itself and facilitate astronauts to go into space. That decision made as a child has stayed with me ever since. Over the years, my fascination for space science has increased and I am sure that this is a subject which I would love to discover in great depth.

This is how it begins. In order to write the next chapters, I will be traveling 6748km( that is what google tells me!) to Stockholm, Sweden from my home; the sweet Kolkata, India.  A graduate student, pursuing a masters programme in Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology will be my identity, henceforth.

New country with new people and new culture. Intimidating yet exciting. Having stayed under the loving arm of my parents, safe inside the protective wall of my home, all my life; venturing out into the world for the first time is definitely giving me cold feet. However, I am looking forward to embracing this new experience; breathing new air, playing with new vistas, living independently and most importantly, studying a subject I had wished to study from my childhood. I will be living my dream!

Therefore, I would like to document all my experiences, my ups and my downs; that is the journey of a girl in a foreign land. In a series of posts, starting with this one, under a common title ‘Girl in Foreign Land’, I aim to journal my life. The writings may not be interesting but nevertheless, it is my story and I hope to complete it.


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