Why name it Ms. Disgusting Dreamer?

Why name it Ms. Disgusting Dreamer? A lot of thoughts and considerations went into this. What should I call myself. Finally I decided on this weird yet ‘completely describes me’ title. Here’s why I am a dreamer and here’s why they are disgusting.

Since this is a personal blog with no particular topic to focus upon, it took me a lot of thinking as to what should be an appropriate name for my blog. I wish to cover my travel experiences, study experiences of a masters student and most importantly my journey in a foreign land. Born and brought up in Kolkata, India, I am now currently in Sweden for my graduate studies. New country, new people, new stories; I aim to put it all down in my blog. Also, the thoughts that tickle my mind from time to time or the lines that I try and rhyme so that it can be called a poem, shall find a place here.

However, the question still remains. What should I name my blog? Well, there are many other blogs to help you decide a name for your blog. They say, it should be something which describes you as well as be funny or catchy. Now the question was tougher, describe me in a few words!

Honestly, I do not have one fixed passion. I love traveling and exploring offbeat places, reading books, listening to music, watching movies and above all creating new experiences. I am already sounding confused and  fickle, right? Well, honestly this is how I am. I easily settle and adjust myself into any new arrangement and am always curious to know and learn about everything under the sun.  I have a good feeling for everything and sincerely believe that all things are bright and beautiful.

Even then, if I had to choose a particular hobby, I would say, thinking. Not exactly a hobby you would call it, but I do spend my spare time thinking about different ideas, notions, concepts. I like to imagine stories with sometimes fictional characters and at times with characters from my surroundings. Most of the stories obviously include me! And when I narrate them to my family and friends, they obviously find it immature. They think I am behaving like a child, thinking impractically and when I still chose to hold on to my belief, they feel disgusted. What, with so many hanging threads and so much left to imagination, they think I am living in a dreamer’s paradise. Their indifference cannot be rejected completely though. I do daydream! Sometimes I feel the pressure of living up to my dreams and that is when I too find my thoughts disgusting.

Therefore, the name Ms. Disgusting Dreamer. Starting a blog, having a steady stream of visitors daily, is another of my daydream. I do not know about daily visitors but I have definitely started my blog with this first post of mine. Similarly, I hope to fulfill all my disgusting dreams one by one, slowly but surely.

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